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Case studies 2023

BlakerTech's SandFlo - up and running in Dubai


We have recently sold a standard SandFlo to a client in Dubai who owns and operates a large metal recycling company.

BlakerTech's SandFlo - up and running in Dubai

Their objective is to separate aluminium and magnesium fragments from mixed shredder residue to produce clean aluminium and magnesium fractions for re-sale.

Since its installation, our client has been impressed with the SandFlo’s performance, reporting nil heavies in the light fraction output, and have calculated they will achieve a return on their investment within nine months.

It’s the first system we’ve sold to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and we’re pleased to give this SandFlo a red colour finish to keep it aligned with the client’s corporate branding.

The UAE has begun to intensify its recycling efforts. One important goal is to divert as much waste as possible from landfills. By 2071, Abu Dhabi plans to ensure no waste is sent to landfill and all major cities will be zero waste by 2050.