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Case studies 2023

Building and installing two cascade MagThro eddy current systems for LMA Recycling


London Mining Association Recycling (LMA Recycling) is one of BlakerTech’s long-standing customers. LMA Recycling is a specialist material recycling business with expertise in a wide variety of materials. The company specialises in recovering valuable materials from scrap metal, end-of-life vehicles, electrical scrap (WEEE) and the waste residues from these recycling processes.

Building and installing two cascade MagThro eddy current systems for LMA Recycling

To cope with the high volume of non-ferrous materials being separated at their Aylesford processing plant, BlakerTech is building and installing two bespoke cascade MagThro eddy current systems.

Designed by BlakerTech, the drawing above shows the hopper which feeds the twin eddy current system using two outlets. The system allows one or both belts / lines to operate subject to volume requirements.

Mixed materials will be fed into a 20 cubic metre hopper. The material spills/splits down through the hopper onto twin chain conveyors which then feeds the material onto trough conveyors. These take the material up to two cascade eddy current separators. The materials are first fed onto a vibrating feeder tray which spreads the material ready to pass over a 10-pole drum magnet. The magnet separates the ferrous materials into a separate discharge chute. The remaining non-ferrous material is passed onto a second vibrating feeder tray and then onto the eddy current separator.



Using powerful Neodymium rare earth magnets, the eddy current rotor produces a strong magnetic force which will reliably and efficiently sort and separate through the mixed materials.

The outcome is two specific outfalls, one being the valuable non-ferrous metals. The other outfall is waste material. This is achieved by using a carefully set splitter within the catchment hood.