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Case studies 2023

MagThro demo success


BlakerTech's MagThro eddy current system has once again demonstrated its superiority, surpassing the performance of a metal recycling plant's existing system in Iceland.

MagThro demo success

In order to showcase the remarkable capabilities of our technology, we extended an invitation to our Icelandic customer, inviting them to visit our busy metal processing plant and witness our system in action. They brought along a batch of mixed materials that had already undergone processing using their current eddy current system.

The disparity in performance between the two systems was immediately apparent as our MagThro eddy current system outperformed their existing setup. It efficiently extracted a significantly larger quantity of non-ferrous metal from the batch, surpassing their system's output by approximately 15%. Moreover, our MagThro demonstrated an impressive ability to extract non-ferrous metals of smaller sizes, further enhancing its effectiveness compared to their current system.

This successful demonstration once again solidifies BlakerTech's MagThro as a leading solution in the metal recycling industry, offering enhanced efficiency and delivering superior results to customers worldwide. By consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation, we continue to set new benchmarks and provide cutting-edge technology to meet the evolving needs of our customers in the global market.

We are in the final stages of adding the last finishing touches to the MagThro and are eagerly preparing to ship it to our valued client very shortly.