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Repairs to drum magnet


We’ve just finished repairing a large 1.5 metre drum magnet for a long-standing client. It sustained significant damage due to impact.

Repairs to drum magnet

The drum magnet was removed and transported to our workshop for our specialist team to work on. We removed the loose magnets and cleaned the foundation. The magnets were refixed and resin filled for durability and added strength. The drum magnet was then reassembled and transported back to site for refitting.

A drum magnet is a vital piece of equipment for metal processing plants. It works by using a magnetic core to attract ferrous metals to a cylindrical shell. As the shell rotates, it moves ferrous materials out of the magnetic field and onto a separate conveyor.

Once the material has passed over the drum (which removes the ferrous material) the rest of the non-ferrous material travels through further stages to separate them into their main core elements.