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What's so special about Copper?


Recycled copper is worth up to 90% of the cost of the original copper.

What's so special about Copper?

Did you know the recycling of copper globally saves 40 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide - the equivalent emissions of 16 million cars!

It also requires up to 85% less energy than primary production #metalrecycling

Copper is vital to new emerging technologies for the generation of renewable energy from solar, wind and geothermal.

25% of all the copper produced is used in buildings, for plumbing, roofing and cladding. Copper provides light, durable maintenance-free structures that are naturally good looking, long lasting and infinitely recyclable #sustainability

Our metal recycling equipment is able to efficiently recover small fragments of copper and other non-ferrous metals from mixed materials www.blakertech.com #scrapmetalrecycling

Source: copperalliance.org.uk